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Rain Garden Lottery for HPDL residents

Hale, Page, Diamond Lake (HPDL) Neighborhood Associations to help cover cost of Raingardens For Home Owners!

**Congratulations to Rachel Osband, Jacki Cook, Kalina Blackwell, Keri Scott, and Takawi Peters on winning the lottery for 2017.  Due to the high interest level in rain gardens HPDL plans to offer this lottery again in 2018! 

Our community is surrounded by beautiful Diamond Lake, Lake Nokomis and Minnehaha Creek.  These bodies of water are invaluable resources to our community and their health and well being are priorities.  To show our commitment, the HPDL Environmental Committee is offering to help 5 lucky home owners cover the cost of installing a beautiful, sustainable raingarden in their yard.


Raingardens are one of the best ways to help the lakes as a property owner. Raingardens are beautiful landscaping features that protect water quality and provide habitat for pollinators. They use native plants and allow stormwater runoff to filter through the soil instead of flowing into storm drains and directly into our lakes and rivers.


This spring,  HPDL is offering to cover the majority cost for installation of 5 raingardens for 5 homeowners.  Typical cost of a garden would be $1000 – $1500, if selected, the individual homeowner’s cost would be approximately $300 – $340.


The process begins with the homeowner’s payment of a $50 deposit, and an onsite consultation and a stormwater plan from Metro Blooms showing all potential locations for raingardens.  Once consultation is complete, the property owner will receive a raingarden design and installation (including labor, hauling away soil, mulch, compost, plants). The cost to the home owner will only be for the initial consultation, and for hauling away the soil that is removed when making the garden (typically about $300 – $340 total).  HPDL will pick up the rest!


Metro Blooms and the Conservation Corps of Minnesota excavate the raingardens and add the compost and mulch. Metro Blooms will order the plants and provide instructions. Property owners are responsible for planting their raingarden according to their design. Metro Blooms will also provide supplemental information and follow-up related to the maintenance of the new raingardens.


Consultations will be scheduled with the wining homeowners soon after the winners are drawn and construction will be scheduled for the summer of 2017.


For more information on this project, please contact Sarah Sillers at office@hpdl.org .  To enter the lottery please register below by April 18th.   Winners will be selected on Earth Day (April 22nd) and notified that day.   To learn more about raingardens, visit the Metro Blooms website  metroblooms.org and click on “Our Projects.”  Good Luck!