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Neighborhood Safety and Engagement Committee

In an effort to make our neighborhood more livable by improving safety and helping to prevent crime, we will be receptive to information from our law enforcement partners in the SAFE Team and make every effort, being both reactive and proactive, to communicate this information and forge a partnership which will effectively provide a broad neighborhood awareness of crime and safety issues.


  1. Increase awareness among our neighbors about certain crimes that are difficult for the police to prevent, such as theft, burglary, vandalism and graffiti.
  2. Assist law enforcement with communicating vital crime prevention strategies to our neighborhood.
  3.  Encourage our neighbors to be aware and alert to their surroundings and report suspicious activities to the Minneapolis Police Department by calling 911.
  4.  Provide an organizational base for our neighborhood to proactively assist the police through volunteer walk and bike patrols.
  5. Provide information on crime and safety issues at the annual Picnic in the Park
  6. Take the lead in providing the program for one Crime and Safety related neighborhood meeting each year.
  7. Wherever possible, assist the Crime Prevention Specialist by promoting block clubs and block leaders.
  8. By close liaison with the SAFE TEAM, be aware of crime and safety issues, hot spots, crime alerts and other concerns, and publicize these concerns to our neighborhood through meetings, newsletters, or flyers.
  9. Publicize the benefits of child protection through voluntary family DNA and photo histories/files and provide opportunities for neighborhood participation.