Smart Salting for the Holidays

With the holiday season upon us, you may be preparing for hosting guests. But as you make your preparations, are you factoring in the chance for ice and snow? Dealing with slippery driveways and walkways can damper your holiday fun, so do a little advance planning now so you have less to worry about as your guests arrive. You’ll also be protecting your local lakes and streams in the process!

Salt provides a quick and easy way to melt ice, but did you know that the salt you lay down on your driveway, sidewalk, or steps eventually makes its way into lakes and streams where it hurts fish, birds, and aquatic plants and insects? One teaspoon of salt permanently pollutes five gallons of water because once it’s in the water, it is too costly to remove on a large scale. Additionally, all that salt we are laying down is damaging our lawn and landscaping, corroding cars and infrastructure, and hurting our pets’ paws.

As you prepare for hosting, make sure you have the right tools in your toolbelt for managing snow and ice:

  1. Shovel: the proper shovel (or snowblower) can make all the difference! Shoveling regularly will reduce the need for salt. Ergonomic shovels will make the job easier on your back.
  2. Sand: Use sand for traction, only if needed, when the temperature drops below 15 degrees F. Salt does not work in temperatures less than 15 degrees.
  3. Apply the right product: All salt is not the same. Some, like calcium chloride, work to colder temperatures, but may have other side effects like leaving a slimy residue. Check the label before you purchase so you know what kind of deicer it is and if it will work for your purposes.
  4. Use just a little: You don’t need to put down much salt to get ice to melt and applying more doesn’t mean faster melting. Aim for a spread of 3-inches between salt crystals. A 12-oz mug holds about one pound of salt, which is enough for 250 square feet (approximately two parking spaces).
  5. Sweep and reuse: Extra salt and sand that is visible on dry pavement can be swept up and reused. This helps keep it out of the storm drain and will save you money in the long run!
  6. Hire a certified professional: Smart salting winter maintenance contractors have gone through training to learn proper winter maintenance and salt application. You can find a list of certified professionals on the MPCA website:

So as you are making your lists and checking them twice, be sure to include the tools you’ll need for a safe and enjoyable holiday season, for both your guests and our environment. Learn more about using salt safely at

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Plan modification

The HPDL Board of Directors is proposing to move $10,000 from Improve Pearl Park to Improve Other Neighborhood Parks in contract #25740A.  The proposed allocation will cover the construction of the cement pad and shelter at Triangle Park.  Please email with any questions or concerns by September 15th, 2018.

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Picnic in the Park 2018

Thursday, July 26th from 5:30 to 8:30 pm

Pearl Park  (414 E Diamond Lake Road  Minneapolis)


A HUGE Thank You to this year’s sponsors:

Northrup Roofing and Exteriors & Northrup Remodeling

Bikes N Pieces

Fat Lorenzo’s Pizza

Usborne Books

Hale Family Dental

Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church

Urban Refuge Church



Food Truck at Picnic:

Kabomelette:  2018 picnic in the park Kabomelette menu

El Burrito Mercado


New Bohemia

Falafel King


A Taste of Target Field

Kona Ice

Dave’s Ice Cream

Whole Sum Kitchen


Fat Lorenzo’s Pizza


New This Year:  BEER and CIDER!

HPDL will be selling Utepils beer and cider with a portion of the proceeds going back to Pearl Park to support the facilities and programs at the park.  The rest of the proceeds go back into the neighborhood to help pay for Picnic in the Park and other events and opportunities offered throughout the year.  Thank you to Xavi restaurant for helping us make this happen!


Main Stage Band:  Good for Gary


Other Attractions:

*Free Petting Zoo

*Kid’s games

*Henna tattoos, face painting, and balloon twisting



*Storytime Tent

*Local Businesses and Non-Profits giving out information

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Plan Modification

The HPDL Board has voted to move funds within contract 25740A from Traffic Calming $17,452 and Promoting Neighborhood Businesses $6,000 to the Building Community line item for a total of $23,452.00.  The HPDL Board must provide a 21 day notice before this action can be taken.  Please contact with questions or concerns.


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Planting for Clean Water

Published with permission from the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District

It’s officially spring, and we are ready to hear the birds singing, see buds swelling on tree branches and watch refreshing rains that wash away the salt and grit from the landscape. But the salt and grit that has accumulated on roads, sidewalks and parking lots these last few months are a major source of pollution in our lakes and streams. Some simple steps you can take to reduce runoff are to install a rain barrel and redirect downspouts away from driveways and sidewalks so they drain to a lawn or a nearby garden. You can also incorporate native plants into your landscaping and provide areas for water to infiltrate into the ground.

“Native plants” are plants that have been in this region for hundreds of years and have evolved to withstand the local climate and ecological pressures. In general, native plants have long roots that can find water deep underground, prevent erosion, decrease soil compaction, and filter out pollutants. Because they are well adapted to our climate and soil, they typically need little water and no fertilizer or pesticides. And they add beauty and habitat and food for wildlife and pollinators.

If you would like to add native plants to your landscape, your first step is to determine where you’d like to plant them. Ideal locations are along shorelines, slopes, depressions, and areas where turf grass doesn’t grow well. Then you will need to consider the soil type and sun exposure in those spots as these factors will influence which native plants will grow best. Also consider any local regulations that may affect what you can plant where, and what will be amenable to your neighbors. Lastly, determine what kind of plants you like – do you prefer colorful flowers that bloom throughout the year, or do you like grasses or low-growing shrubs? There are a lot of native plant guides out there, and a great resource is, which is a partnership of local government units (including Minnehaha Creek Watershed District), non-profits, and private companies working toward clean water goals.

Another way to incorporate native plants into your yard is to build a rain garden. A rain garden is a bowl-shaped garden of native plants that captures runoff and allows the water to soak into the ground. The water is filtered to remove sediment and pollutants, which keeps polluted water from running off the landscape and polluting local lakes and streams. Rain gardens also add beauty to your yard, support pollinators and birds, and may even inspire your neighbors to install one too!

If you are ready to help clean water in your neighborhood by planting native plants or a rain garden, check out the workshops Minnehaha Creek Watershed District is hosting in partnership with Metro Blooms in April: Happy spring and happy planting!

A longer, electronic version of this article is available on the MCWD website.

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2018 Blue Thumb Workshops Hosted by Metro Blooms

For Immediate Release

Contact: John Bly,, 651-699-2426


Learn How to Create a Resilient Yard

2018 Blue Thumb workshops hosted by Metro Blooms


Unseasonably warm weather, long periods of drought, and flooding rains are the new normal in Minnesota. Metro Blooms is offering two types of resilient yard presentations this year: Resilient Yard Workshops and Turf Alternative workshops.

  • Resilient Yard Workshops (2.5 hours): Provide a framework to understand the importance of resilience and how it can be fostered in your yard through a variety of practices, including how to install your own raingarden. Following presentation, attendees receive one-on-one design assistance from Blue Thumb Landscape Designers, Hennepin County Master Gardeners, and Master Water Stewards to create a plan for your own yard.
  • Turf Alternative Workshops (1.5 hours): Your guide to a low-maintenance lawn.   This 1-hour presentation overviews the benefits and options before providing step-by-step instructions to establishing water- and pollinator-friendly perennial ground covers. Suggested turf alternatives minimize the need for irrigation and chemical inputs while maintaining a useable lawn. The presentation is followed by a group discussion to identify and overcome common obstacles faced by homeowners.

All workshops attendees receive information about installation cost share programs and Blue Thumb resources to help get a project in the ground.


March-June 2018


11 Twin Cities metro locations + 1 workshop in Prescott, Wisconsin

How to Register?

Visit or call 651-699-2426 Cost: $15 per household unless otherwise noted. Register soon, some locations fill up fast. You can also mail your registration to Workshop Registration, P.O. Box 17099, Minneapolis, MN 55417. Enclose a check payable to Metro Blooms, and include the workshop location, your name, address, phone number and email address.



Increasingly severe changes in Minnesota’s weather patterns are impacting all of us, but these changes are felt most strongly in our cities. Impermeable surfaces (roads, roofs, parking lots, and unhealthy compacted soils) excel at soaking up and retaining heat from the sun, and also contribute to huge amounts of runoff, carrying pollution into our waters. Resilient yards do the opposite: shed and shade the sun’s heat, but soak up and infiltrate stormwater, cleaning and using it to help cool the surrounding landscape. A resilient yard not only survives extreme weather—it also helps us thrive in spite of it.

Register now, some locations fill up fast!

The $15 workshops are offered March – June:

  • Wednesday, March 28
    • 12:30-2:30PM Prescott, WI; exactly location TBD (Free) – Turf Alternatives
  • Thursday, March 29
    • 6-8:30 PM St. Louis Park City Hall (Free to residents) – Resilient Yards
  • Wednesday, April 4
    • 6:30-9 PM Champlin City Hall Resilient Yards
    • 6:30-8 PM Armatage Recreation Center, Minneapolis – Turf Alternatives
  • Tuesday, April 10
    • 6-8:30 PM Longfellow Recreation Center, Minneapolis – Resilient Yards
  • Thursday, April 12
    • 6:30-8 PM St. Louis Park City Hall (Free to residents) – Turf Alternatives
  • Tuesday, April 17
    • 6-8:30 PM St. Barnabas Church, Plymouth (Free to residents) – Resilient Yards
    • TBD Edina, exact location TBD – Turf Alternatives
  • Thursday, April 19
    • 6-8:30 PM Nokomis Recreation Center, Minneapolis – Resilient Yards
  • Tuesday, April 24
    • TBD Edina, exact location TBD – Resilient Yards
    • 6:30-8 PM Longfellow Recreation Center, Minneapolis – Turf Alternatives
  • Saturday, April 28
    • 11-1:30 PM North Regional Library, Minneapolis (Free) – Resilient Yards
  • Thursday, May 3
    • 6:30-8 PM Nokomis Recreation Center, Minneapolis – Turf Alternatives
  • Thursday, May 10
    • 6-8:30 PM Crystal Community Center – Resilient Yards
  • Tuesday, May 15
    • 6-8:30 PM Brooklyn Center Community Center – Resilient Yards
  • Saturday, May 19
    • 11-12:30PM North Regional Library, Minneapolis (Free) – Turf Alternatives
  • Wednesday, May 23
    • 6-8:30 PM Armatage Recreation Center, Minneapolis – Resilient Yards
  • Thursday, May 31
    • 6-8:30 PM Audubon Recreation Center, Minneapolis – Resilient Yards
  • Thursday, June 7
    • 6:30-8 PM Audubon Recreation Center, Minneapolis – Turf Alternatives

Workshops presented by Metro Blooms, sponsored by the Cities of Minneapolis, Plymouth, Robbinsdale, Crystal, Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center, New Hope, St. Louis Park, and Edina, Hennepin County Master Gardeners, Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, Nine Mile Creek Watershed District, Shingle Creek and West Mississippi Watershed Management Commission, Rice Creek Watershed District, Elm Creek Watershed Management Commission, Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission, and Friends of Freedom Park.

Metro Blooms, a local non-profit organization, works to strengthen communities by promoting environmentally-sound landscaping that beautifies neighborhoods and protects our environment. Metro Blooms coordinates the Blue Thumb partnership – a network of public and private partners working towards planting for clean water.

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Scam Bingo: Safeguarding our Seniors

The HPDL Neighborhood Association and the Better Business Bureau are offering an event for the Seniors in our neighborhood on Thursday, March 29th from 10:30 to noon at Pearl Park Recreation Center.  The BBB will present Scam Bingo, which helps seniors identify and avoid phone, mail and email scams.

Representatives from Minneapolis Police Department 3rd Precinct will also be on hand to answer questions.

Image result for bbbImage result for minneapolis police department

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HPDL Garage Sale 2018

HPDL Neighborhood Garage Sale

Saturday, May 19th

Advertised Hours:  8 am to 4 pm


Got too much stuff?  Get rid of it during the HPDL Neighborhood Garage Sale!  Maximize customer traffic by recruiting your neighbors to join you.  Registration is free and puts your house on the garage sale map that will be available online here.  The map will cover addresses in the HPDL area.  The boundaries of HPDL are Highway 35W on the west, Minnehaha Creek on the north, Cedar Avenue on the east, and both Highway 62 and 62nd Street on the south.

Registering before the deadline ensures that your sale will be listed on the map and on HPDL’s website prior to the sale.  There is no charge for the listing.  In return, we ask you to fill out a short survey after the event so we may learn how to make this event better next year.  Advertised hours are 8 am to 4 pm on Saturday, May 19th but your sale may extend additional days and/or hours.

  1. Note:  only the sale address and featured items will appear in the listing; no other information will be shared.
  2. Register online in April.

Registration Deadline is Monday, May 7th

Each household participating can pick up a free yard sign to put up in their yard the week of the sale.  Pick-up information will be emailed out after the registration is received.

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HPDL Board of Directors meeting moved

Due to the weather the HPDL Board of Directors meeting will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, January 23rd at 7 pm at the HPDL office.  Please contact Courtney at with any questions.

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Winter Farmer’s Market

Neighborhood Roots Winter Farmers Market

Saturday, Jan. 27th

9:00 am to 1:30 pm

6010 Lyndale Ave. S


Say hello to vendors from the Nokomis, Fulton, and Kingfield Farmers Markets at the upcoming Neighborhood Roots Winter Farmers Market!  Gather with friends and neighbors in the greenhouse of Bachman’s Garden Center (6010 Lyndale Ave. S) from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm on Jan. 27th to stock up on local produce, pasture raised meats, farmstead cheeses, preserves, maples syrup, honey, and much more.  Enjoy live music all morning, along with tasty breakfast and lunch items and beer or wine available for sale by the glass!  Shopping local doesn’t have to end with the outdoor season.  Support small farmers and connect with your community at the winter farmers market!

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