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Clean City Opportunities

 Adopt‐A‐Ash Receptacle

Cigarette butts and other Cigarette waste has long been the most littered item across our nation. The Division of Solid Waste and Recycling is introducing an Adopt‐Ash‐Receptacle program to help reduce Cigarette waste from our City streets, sidewalks and boulevards. Any interested party can adopt an Ash Receptacle to be placed at an appropriate location for pedestrians to use.

 Adopt‐A‐Litter Container

Businesses, individual residents, block clubs or other organizations can adopt a litter container for a minimum of two years. These entities already know the locations where litter collects and have on‐the‐scene interest in minimizing litter and debris. An adopted litter container is an effective means of preventing much of the litter from being tossed to the ground in the first place. Participants of this Program are not charged to have a litter container placed. In addition, adopters have a choice for servicing the litter container:

  1.  Empty it themselves
  2.  Plastic bags are furnished by request
  3. A pair of reusable gloves are provided when requested
  4. Filled bags should be disposed with regular garbage

OR  Pay to have City crews service the litter container once each week for a nominal $12 fee that is added to your monthly utility bill. Additional service visits can be scheduled for an increased cost.


Individuals, businesses, block clubs or organizations are encouraged to adopt their block. It has been demonstrated many times over that when people are in a place that is well cared for, their behavior is more respectable toward other people and the neighborhood. When adopting the block, the adopter agrees to:

  1.  Adopt the block for a minimum one‐year period
  2. Pick up litter regularly (at least 6 times a year) along the boulevards (all 4 sides), and the alley (if applicable)
  3. Remove weeds from the sidewalks, boulevards and curbs
  4. Bag litter and weeds separately
  5. Place filled bags of litter in regular garbage cart or dumpster for collection. Place bags of yard waste at the regular yard waste collection point
  6. Clean off storm grates, when necessary.

 Solid Waste will provide plastic bags and a pair of reusable gloves. ‘Do Not Litter’ recognition signs are available for adopters to place in their yards if they wish.


This program is provided through a joint agreement with the Solid Waste & Recycling and Traffic Divisions of the City of Minneapolis and Hennepin County Commissioners. Individuals, businesses, block clubs or organizations are encouraged, with highly visible Adopt‐A‐Street signs, to adopt a Minneapolis City street or County highway. Participation in this Program pledges that the adopter will maintain the street or highway for a 6‐block stretch, both sides of the street. The adopter agrees to:

  1.  Adopt the road for a minimum of two years
  2. Complete a cleanup at least 4 times per year
  3. Pick up bottles, cans, and litter from sidewalk, curb and boulevard greenbelt
  4. Report items you cannot pick up to the Solid Waste and Recycling Office (612‐673‐2789)
  5. Trim overgrown weeds from curb when required
  6.  Clean off storm grates when necessary

 The Adopt‐A‐Street signs are a beautiful sky‐blue with white lettering and will be prominently mounted at each end of the adopted routes to recognize the adopting groups or individuals. Solid Waste will provide adopters with plastic bags, safety vests and reusable gloves. Filled trash bags are to be placed at designated points for pickup by Solid Waste crews. The City will dispose of the trash bags at no charge to the adopter. Litter sticks are for physically challenged and elderly volunteers.


Every property with City Solid Waste and Recycling service is entitled to six cleanup and two tire vouchers each year. Each cleanup voucher allows the resident to dispose of up to 2,000 pounds of garbage or construction materials. Residents can clean out their garage, their attic, and their basement, and with a voucher, dispose of the materials at the South Transfer Station at no additional charge. Hazardous Waste will not be accepted. Each tire voucher allows the resident to dispose of up to eight tires with or without rims. Residents can call the Solid Waste and Recycling customer service line at (612) 673‐2917 for more information or to order vouchers.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities please contact the HPDL office at hpdl@bitstream.net or 612-824-7707 for more information.

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