Safety Tips

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Autumn Home Security Tips


HPDL Crime and Safety Safe Runner and Walker Program

It is very important when you are out running or walking in the dark that you keep yourself safe.  We would like to help you do that.  Please send an email to with your name and address and we will drop off a blinkie and mini-flashlight to you.

Crime Prevention Tips

  • Screens do NOT keep out burglars.
  • Residents can help reduce burglaries by pinning or locking your windows.
  • Burglars cut screens, open unlocked windows and steal purses, laptop computers, I-Pods and briefcases, right off a nearby table, bookcase or buffet.
  • Please don’t hang your purse on the kitchen doorknob!

Review recent crime alerts and sign up to be notified of crime alert bulletins at Minneapolis Police Crime Alert.


share save 256 24 Safety Tips

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