Committee Minutes

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Crime and Safety Committee Meeting

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

In attendance: Jan Anderson, Margaret Craig, Graham and Susan Ford, Jane Stonich, Sue Roethele

Staff: Courtney Laufenberg

6:30 pm Meeting called to order

6:31 pm Picnic Recap

The Picnic event went well. The finger lights were a hit and many were given

away. The layout was a good improvement and it made it easier to talk with neighbors.

6:40 pm Communications

The newsletter information was discussed and the committee would like a box

in the newsletter that has the latest block leader training information in it. We also discussed a story idea for the next newsletter and Graham is going to follow-up on that.

6:50 pm CCP/Safe report

Sue passed out the part 1 and part 2 maps for all three neighborhoods. Very low crime activity during the past month.

7:10 pm New Business

Margaret is going to check in with John Quincy on the bike path. Courtney is going to order more blinkies for the Preschool Halloween party at Pearl Park and for board members to hand out on Halloween. Courtney is also going to email Sue the contact at Edge Marketing.

7:25 pm Meeting Adjourned

**Next meeting is Tuesday, October 9th at 6:30 pm.


Crime Prevention and Community Safety Committee Minutes

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Meeting called to order at 6:30pm

People in attendance: Margaret Craig, Jane Stonich, Graham Ford, Susan Ford, Roberta Zylla, Dede Caprari, Jan Anderson, John Quincy, Sue Rothele, Courtney Laufenberg

Picnic in the Park Thursday, July 26th 5:30-8:30

• Times discussed: Graham and Susan will come early, Margaret will come about 6 and all will stay for as long as possible.

• K-9 and Fire truck requested

• C&S shirts were distributed

• Finger lights introduced

• Bikes and Pieces Bike Corral at Picnic

• Graham will bring water for Officers


Brief update on Bike Path expansion and safety concerns at the intersection of Edgewater and Cedar Avenue. Additional committee concerns being addressed by city planning committee. John will keep us abreast of any news that comes through his office.


MPD Sector 3 Activity

• Part 1 Crime Maps were distributed

• Burglaries down from 2011 in sector and neighborhoods

• Aggravated assault the only increase mostly due to domestic violence

• Sector trends followed by precinct

• Four burglary reports between 7/3 and 7/9

911 calls related to witness of burglary was 1 ½ pages long

• The first squad responded at 8:47pm, last squad at 5:21 am

• Calls about possible burglaries past midnight

• First call from 54xx and Portland

• Second call 8 seconds later from Park Avenue, bike reported in bushes at 54th and Portland

• Two minutes later, Third call reported the gate open at the callers address

Squads set up a perimeter of affected area beginning at Minnehaha Parkway to 60th Street

State Patrol and County Helicopter became involved

Two arrests were made. Two juvenile males, one male still at large

• Curfew violation

• Fleeing an officer

• Lurking with intent to commit a crime

John Quincy reports of curiosity emails that circulated through the neighborhood mostly in support of the way the community contributed and the police responded. There were several that raised other concerns of privacy issues and the cost incurred

John Quincy believes that a newsletter should be drafted through his office and distributed by his intern personnel to residents registered to host a NNO event.


Tuesday, January 10th Minutes

In attendance: Mary Ellen Gallick, Jan Anderson, Jane Stonich, Margaret Craig, Courtney Laufenberg

6:30 pm Meeting called to order by Margaret

6:32 pm The March Meeting was discussed. The group decided not to invite an officer from sex

crimes but to instead invite Inspector Geralds and have her bring several other officers to speak as well. This event will be advertised in a postcard, an email blast, on the website and on Facebook. The speaker invites will go out soon. Crime and Safety will have a table at the Frost Fest event and we will have a handout regarding the event for people to take.

6:50 pm Courtney filled the group in on the internet event that is being co-planned with FRN

neighborhood. A date hasn’t been set yet—they are looking at a date in March. She will keep the group updated on the progress of this planning. No board updates to report.

7:05 pm Motion to Adjourn – Jane Stonich


Tuesday, November 8th Minutes

In attendance: Mary Ellen Gallick, Graham and Susan Ford, Jane Stonich, Margaret Craig, Courtney Laufenberg

6:25 pm Meeting called to order by Margaret

6:26 pm Community Impact letter was discussed and approved by the committee. Courtney will use it and make slight adjustments based on the request from the police.

6:30 pm Sue wasn’t able to make the meeting so she sent an email detailing what was going on in the neighborhood along with the crime maps from the last 4 weeks. Crime was light in the neighborhoods and we discussed the damage done by the break-in at a business on 60th and Portland. Graham will stop by the business and see if there is anything they need. Courtney will update the website with the latest crime maps.

6:40 pm Courtney gave a board update. The board has decided what their 2012 focuses will be and they are working on the 2012 CPP budget. Crime and Safety will have their usual allotment.

6:45 pm Communication’s are fine. More updating needs to be done with the website and Courtney will work on that.

6:50 pm The Pearl Park Halloween party was well attended and the Crime and Safety presence was great. The giveaways were much appreciated.

6:51 pm New Business: Graham and Susan reminded the committee about the police dinner on Dec. 6th at the 3rd Precinct. They can always use more volunteers to help serve food to the officers. We also talked about the March crime meeting on the 19th. Margaret is going to work on getting the invite letters out in the next month or so. She is going to ask Sue if she has any recommendations on who should be invited from the department. The next crime and safety meeting will be January 10th (no December meeting). It will be decided at the January meeting if there is a need for a February meeting.

7:00 pm Motion to Adjourn – Jane Stonich


October 11th Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Graham and Susan Ford, Jane Stonich, Dede Ciprari, Sue Roethele, Mary Ellen Gallick, Courtney Laufenberg

6:30 pm Meeting called to order by Jane Stonich

6:31 pm Sue Roethele gave the committee a crime stats update and passed around the neighborhood maps for our review. Crime is low for the past 4 weeks so there wasn’t a lot to discuss on the maps. We briefly talked about the luring incident that happened several weeks ago near Todd Park. No one has been arrested at this time for that incident. A meeting will be held on October 13th for the community to get information on how to talk with kids about personal safety.

6:55 pm Community Impact letter was reviewed and approved by the committee.  Several members are going to take another look at home and will let Courtney know if any changes need to be made. When a request is made to the office for a community impact letter Courtney will make the necessary tweaks to the letter and send it in on behalf of the committee.

7:00 pm Courtney gave an update on the HPDL board and the addition of 3 new members at the HPDL Annual Meeting in September. The board is still in need of representation from Page neighborhood.

7:10 pm Communication’s were discussed and Sue asked the HPDL office information be included on the agendas that are sent out. Courtney is taking care of getting recent crime maps and information on the website.

7:12 pm The Preschool Halloween party at Pearl Park will have a crime and safety presence. Jane will take the first hour (10:30-11:30) and the Ford’s will take the last hour (11:30-12:30). Courtney will make sure that all the materials are there and set-up.

7:15 pm New Business: The committee decided we will have a November meeting (November 8th) but will not have a December meeting. Graham gave an update on the recent 3PAC meeting. There is an overall reduction in crime in Minneapolis and violent crime is down. Theft from motor vehicles is up. Several problem areas are being addressed—Peavey Park, 38th and Chicago, and Bloomington and Lake Street. Volunteers are needed for the officer’s holiday dinner on December 6th for 11-1 and 6-9. The next 3PAC meeting is November 28th from 6:30 to 8.

7:25 pm Meeting Adjourned


September 13th Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Jan Anderson, Mary Ellen Gallick, Graham and Susan Ford, Jane Stonich, Margaret Craig, Sue Roethele, Courtney Laufenberg

Guest: Jake Hackl

6:32 pm Meeting called to order by Margaret

6:33 pm Jan Anderson brought the recent rapes in the neighborhood to the attention of the committee. She wanted to know why she hadn’t seen anything going out the community about the 3 rapes that have occurred since January of this year. Sue told us that they were acquaintance rapes and that is why an alert is not issued. If there is ever a stranger rape in our area an alert would come out from her office.

6:45 pm Sue passed out the recent crime maps and statistics. She mentioned that motor vehicle theft is up and Super America was held up several weeks ago but it was their first major incident this year. They have made great improvements to procedures and security and that has helped. Sue also told us that 10 of the last 16 residential burglaries required little or no force to gain entry. There were 4 garage burglaries and every single one had open doors. 10 bikes were also stolen recently.

7:00 pm Communications were discussed. The crime stats need to be updated with the new numbers. The McGruff column was great in the last issue of the newsletter. The group discussed the Community Impact Statements that we send out when we are asked to. The letter needs to be tightened up and specific to the neighborhood. It should also speak to the crime relevancy and should be kept simple. The letter will be re-worked and sent around to the committee for approval.

7:25 pm The Annual Meeting for HPDL will be held on Monday, September 19th at 7 pm. The Board has 7 open positions that need to be filled. Courtney will bring current crime maps and other relevant materials to the meeting for people to grab.

7:35 pm New Business: The committee discussed having a presence at the Pearl Park Pre-school Halloween party in October. We will hand out blinkies and glow bracelets. Courtney will also look into passing out a safe trick-or-treating handout for parents. We will also have other information on hand for parents to take as well. Margaret also mentioned that she has a commitment next month and won’t be in attendance at the meeting. Jane agreed to run the meeting. Courtney will also make up a current committee list and email out to the group.

7:45 pm Motion to adjourn – Jane Stonich


July 12th Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Graham and Susan Ford, Jane Stonich, Dede Ciprari, Sue Roethele, Lt. Dodge

6:45 pm Meeting called to order by Graham Ford

6:46 pm Sue Roethele talked over the crime maps and a handout on Mobile Drug Dealing that was just put together by the police department. Courtney will add the handout to the website. Sue also brought a new map for Picnic in the Park and that was looked at. Courtney will prep it and mount it for Picnic.

7:30 pm Details for Picnic were discussed. Graham is arranging to pick up the McGruff costume for a volunteer to wear. The Ford’s will also bring water and a cooler for the volunteers at the Crime and Safety tent (Courtney will provide the ice). Courtney will bring all the give-aways to the tent and Graham has all the handouts from Sue. Margaret and Dede will arrive around 6, the Fords will be there early and Jane will be there at the start of the event. Jane will call Mary Ellen and see if she will be there.

7:50 pm Communications—Graham is putting together an article for the August newsletter.

7:51 pm New Business—The committee decided to not have a meeting in August. The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 13th at 6:30 pm.

7:52 pm Meeting Adjourned


March 8, 2011 Crime Prevention and Community Safety Meeting Minutes.

In attendance: Margaret Craig, MaryEllen Gallick, Alice Bernhard, Dede Ciprari, Sue Roethele, Jane Stonich, Courtney Laufenberg

6pm   Meeting called to order

Alice and Dede were new to attend the group. Alice gave her input on the burglary of her neighbor 56xx-16th Avenue. Precautions were taken at victims address, additional lighting, new locks in stalled on premise.

Talked briefly about general safety precautions.

Sue Rothele talked about her role and duties with 3rd Precinct, her territory, and the importance of community impact statements.

March Meeting: Arrive at 6:30p.

Hospitality: Courtney will pick up cookies, pop and water for us to provide for attendees.

Door Prizes: Flash lights and blinkies

Overview of speakers: John Quincy, city council; Joel Sandburg Property Crimes, Inspector Lucy Gerold, Third Precinct Commander, Sue Rothele CCP Safe Officer.

Set up will include table at front of room, several in back for refreshments and materials, and chairs.

Discussion of neighborhood business: Mike’s Corner Store, Parkview Hardware. Activity mentioned at Mario’s.

Board Update:

Four new members. President (Daren,) Vice President (Jake)  Secretary (Molly,) and Treasurer (Todd).


New, updated Website

New mailing list-

Crime and safety page: sign up to 3rd Precinct alert list, links.

On Facebook

April Newsletter discussion

Meeting adjourned at 7:20p


Crime and Safety Meeting Minutes

May 8, 2012

Attendees: Mary Ellen Gallick, Margaret Craig, Jan Anderson, Jane Stonich, Graham and Susan Ford, Sue Roethele, Courtney Laufenberg (staff)

6:30 pm  Meeting called to order

6:31 pm  Board and Neighborhood Updates – Issues about the new bike path that is going to be crossing on Edgewater in front of Fat Lorenzo’s were discussed. That intersection is a dangerous one and the committee will be reaching out to John Quincy to see if there is any way that the plans can be changed.

6:45 pm  Picnic in the Park – Graham will take care of requesting the K9 for the event and will remind Sue about the crime map for the tent. Courtney will email Sherwin about pricing for the finger lights and pens that the committee is considering for giveaways. Courtney will also work on ordering shirts for the crime committee. At the July meeting the shift schedule for Picnic will be figured out.

7:00 pm  Communications – Information is being put up on the website shortly after it is received.

7:05 pm  CPP/Safe – Sue brought the recent crime maps for us to look at. Conversation was also had regarding the community impact statements that are requested by the department. Courtney will make sure that when a request comes in from Sue that the letter is sent from the committee to Sue for the sentencing. Two letters were put together at the meeting for an upcoming sentencing for two burglars. Sue also encouraged us to write individual letters if possible along with the committee letter.

7:50 pm  Meeting adjourned

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