Board Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes 9/24/2012

Attendees: Jake Hackl, Todd (Tuffy) Douma, Sarah Sillers, Eve Topaloglu, Brad Tetzloff, Daren Nyquist, Amelia Frevert, Maria Wrbsky

Staff: Courtney Laufenberg

Guest: John Farrell, Energy Presentation – No Show


7:02 Meeting called to order by: Jake

(August Minutes were not reviewed by board)


7:02 Agenda Item 1:Board Introductions

7:05 Agenda Item 2: Variance Request presented by Anne Boylard for the corner of 54th and Park. Brad motioned a yes vote, no one opposed. Courtney will draft a letter of support.


7:15 Agenda Item 3: Annual Meeting Recap

We have an extra person on the board after the new additions at the annual meeting due to bad math on the board’s part. Courtney reviewed the bylaws on the number of board members: 2 per neighborhood (6) plus a possible 2 more at large from each neighborhood, no more than 11 total. As resolution, board proposed we change the bylaws to read a max member number of 12. Courtney will write it up for the board to review and pass.


Discussed the email string re proposed changes for next year: Among other things, more concise, more planned out, add a postcard/flyer outlining the needed board and committee member needs. Eve proposed an Annual Meeting Committee to begin meeting 6 months out to plan the annual meeting to increase neighborhood participation and attendance. New members shared their perception of the meeting and their reasons for joining.


7:40 Agenda Item 6:Board Binders

Preexisting board members began by introducing themselves more thoroughly including why they joined the board and their focus for working with the board:

Jake, Pres Keep the meeting going and people aligned.


Amelia Environmental Committee

Brad, Vise Pres BA, Farmers Market, Picnic and Frost Fest

Sarah, Secretary Environment, Family Fun article, Triangle Park, Garage Sale

Maria Event Planning

Todd, Treasurer Picnic, Frost Fest, BA, Farmers Market

Eve Event Planning, Annual Meeting, Picnic, Frost Fest, BA


Courtney explained the binders and encouraged everyone to bring them to the meeting. She outlined the general workings and flow of the board meetings and the committees.


8:10 Agenda Item 5: Farmer’s Market

Brad and Todd recapped the last meeting with the Kingfield Farmers Market Board. They are still in the do-diligence phase, looking at sponsors and location sites (#1-1st Free; #2- Bloomington and 52nd Elk’s Club lot; #3-Lake Nokomis parking lot). Next step is a budget. We should have the official yes or no on whether or not it will be happening for the summer of 2013 by this November.


8:30 Agenda Item 7: 2013 Focus Goals Update

Farmers market

Be involved with the Parks (specifically Triangle Park, and/or pavers at Nokomis)

Continue with the Business Association

Communications – website, content and branding


8:40 Financial Update:

Courtney outlined the CPP Contract with the City- $98,000 started in July 2012 and will end in December of 2013. Outlined the budget and how the money is allotted (see budget handout) We need to look at Community Partners to see if there is a need we could fill with some left over $$ from the last CPP contract. There is also some $$ left from Neighborhood Revitalization Program.


8:50 Committee Updates:

Crime and Safety- there has been a slight uptick in crime mostly due to people leaving their doors/garages open. We ordered the blinky lights to hand out at the Pearl Halloween Party and by board members at their door (if they want). They are still on John Quincy about the Three Rivers bike path project safety.


Frost Fest Committee starts next week


Environmental Committee (newly invigorated) – Sarah will send out an email to the 4 interested parties (Justin, Sarah, Margaret, Amelia) to start making plans


Parks-Sarah will get the ball rolling by emailing Carol Kummer with the Park Board to figure out the pathways for working with them on getting projects rolling.


9:00 New Business:

Eve- John Quincy has “office hours” on Wed mornings from 8-9. Would anyone else like to go? Possibility in the future….


9:17 Meeting adjourned. Motion made by Todd and 2nd by Jake


Meeting Minutes 8/27/2012

Attendees: Jake Hackl, Todd (Tuffy) Douma, Sarah Sillers, Jill Ridley, Brad Tetzloff

Staff: Courtney Laufenberg

Meeting called to order: Jake 7:05

Minutes reviewed by board. The minutes were approved; motion made by Todd, 2nd by Jill. Motion approved at 7:05


7:05 Agenda Item 1:Farmers Market Update

Met with Kingfield FM Board, they are on board and excited. Meetings will commence 1/wk to delve into the details and assess if it’s viable (i.e. finding a place, consulting the businesses, competing farmers markets, etc). Current plan would be to begin next season.


7:20 Agenda Item 2: Annual Planning Meeting

17th of Sept, 7pm Pearl Park.

Discussed agenda. Board members will present the community involvement awards.

Felicity was added to the agenda re the Com Committee.

We will not do a postcard for advertising but will add a poster to be put up in local businesses.

Courtney will do up the slides and email out to the board for comment and volunteer presenters.

Board reviewed the Neighborhood Priority Plan to be presented at the meeting


7:55 Agenda Item 2: 2012 Goals Review – 2013 Goal Setting

2012 Goals: BA, Garage sale, signs, and communications

2013 Goals: BA (Eve), Farmers Market (Todd and Brad), Align with partners to improve neighborhood park and green spaces (Sarah), Communications (Jill),


8:24 Financial Update: Todd

Board reviewed the numbers. Discussed the possibility of including a “donate here” component to our communications / improved advertising and fundraising.

We are now on Quickbooks on the Cloud on a trial basis but it is looking very promising and will most likely become permanent. New accountant is working out well.


8:33 Committee Updates:

Picnic had a recap meeting

Frost Fest will begin meeting in Oct

Garage Sale committee met tonight and worked out the logistics of distributing the map and advertising the event.

Crime and Safety will have a meeting Sept 11th


New Business:

Do we want to advertise the Freedom to Marry Street Party?

No. It’s an event to promote a political position, the HPDL has a policy of not taking or promoting sides on political issues.

Board will toss around ideas for rebranding HPDL.


8:45 Meeting adjourned.


Meeting Minutes 7/23/2012

Attendees: Jake Hackl, Todd Douma, Jill Ridley, Eve Topaloglu, Rayanne Nelson, Brad Tetzloff

Guests: David Brauer

Meeting called to order: 7 pm by Jake Hackl

Minutes reviewed by board. The minutes were approved; motion made by Brad and seconded by Todd. Motion approved at 8:03 pm


Agenda Item 1: Farmer’s Market

David Brauer from the Kingfield Farmer’s Market board attended the meeting and explained the process of getting a farmer’s market in HPDL. Kingfield market started in 2001 and the Fulton market which is an expansion of Kingfield started in 2011. Kingfield has a 30 stall market and the Fulton market has 24 stalls. Profit from each market stays in that market so if one market fails it doesn’t break the other markets. The neighborhood would always have a table and can be involved as much or as little as they like. Several board positions on the Kingfield Farmer’s Market board would be reserved for HPDL if we wanted to participate at that level. The market would be guaranteed for 2 years and if it proves to be unsuccessful than there is a process to shut it down. The Kingfield market is on Sunday and the Fulton market is on Saturday. An HPDL market would possibly be on a week night. The possibility of having alcohol served at the market was also discussed but would depend greatly on the location of the market. Many logistical issues would need to be figured out and the Kingfield Market board would have to approve the expansion before anything more will happen. A decision would be made by October.


Agenda Item 2: Picnic Update

Courtney gave an update about the upcoming Picnic in the Park event. Jake and Sarah have agreed to staff the HPDL tent for the event.


Financial Update: Due to the Picnic event no specific financials were discussed. A more in depth conversation will take place at the August meeting. Todd and Courtney met with a new accountant and are taking steps to transition.


Agenda Item 3: Annual Meeting Update

The Neighborhood Priority Plan was reviewed and edits were made. It will have a final review at the August meeting so that it is ready to present at the Annual Meeting. Courtney will also update the presentation and email it to Jake for review. The community awards have arrived and award recipients will be contacted and invited to attend. Final details will be discussed at the August meeting.


Committee Updates:

Crime and Safety has their presence at Picnic ready to go. They will not have a meeting in August.


Garage Sale is working to get the word out and is planning to have sign-ups at Picnic. The committee will meet one more time in August to do final planning for the September sale.


New Business: The board reviewed the ADA policy that is needed for the new CPP contract. Eve motioned to approve the policy and Todd seconded the motion. The motion passed at 8:15 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm. Motion made by Jake and seconded by Todd.


Meeting Minutes 6/25/2012

Attendees: Jake Hackl, Brad Tetzloff, Sarah Sillers, Jill Ridley, Eve Topaloglu, Rayanne Nelson

Staff: Courtney Laufenberg

Guests: Felicity Pearson, Communications Committee Lead

John Quincy

David Peterson, Public Works Bicycles and Pedestrian Division: new bike lane on 60th

Katharine Mauer and Ann Swartz: 5745 Clinton variance request


Meeting called to order: by Jake at 7 pm.


7:05 pm Agenda Item 1: Variance Request

Kathryn Bower summarized the variance request for 5745 Clinton Ave (details of which were emailed to the board by Courtney last week.) 3 of the 5 neighbors have responded in support of the construction. Board will discuss and send Katharine a letter tonight for her community meeting on Thursday.

@ 8:52 pm the board unanimously voted to approve the variance.


7:10pm Agenda Item 2: Guest David Peterson

Outlined a plan to put bike lanes on 60th St between Nicollet and Chicago as part of the comprehensive bike plan, utilizing the cities maintenance plan for seal coating the street in early July. After the seal coating process, the traffic division would redraws the lines and would like to add bike lane lines instead of returning them as they had been. This requires parking removal East of 35W on one side of the road.

?s from David- 1.) is the board in favor of bike lanes on 60th? Board is generally in favor of bike lanes in the neighborhood but is concerned with the short notice and the ability to notify and interface with the residents that will be losing immediate curbside parking 2.) Should they hold a larger public meeting to discuss with the neighborhood? Holding a larger public meting would put the project off a year and more funding would be needed to have the lines removed instead of capitalizing seal coating maintenance plan.


John Quincy’s position is that this is part of a larger bike path plan and they ARE going be taking parking off one side of the street, the question is only, which one. Using past projects as a guide, there is not a need for a public meeting regarding the matter.

Conclusion: HPDL Board is in favor of the project and of a notification being sent to residents informing them of what will happen with a number to call if they have a problem or concern


7:35pm: Agenda Item 3: John Quincy

sum of meeting on the 11th re Ward 11 neighborhoods coming together on projects. NCR staff notes should be coming out soon. Jill also went to the Ward 11 meeting and reported that people were excited to work together as neighborhood associations.

John attended a bike path meeting last Monday re problem intersection at Fat Lorenzo’s and whether or not the Three River’s Park District trail will make it better or worse? It’s going to happen so how can we improve the situation. Good ideas re signals, signage, street markings, trail markings.


7:45 pm Agenda Item 4: HPDL Communication’s Review

Felicity reported the newsletter in good shape – efficient, more people writing but still looking for more voices. She’s put the word out on our various mediums but has not had much feedback. She will brainstorm some general subject matters that would make good articles and email us so we can help recruit people or resources from the neighborhood. Also looking to add “interactive” things like crossword puzzles.

Susan and Joshua (communications committee members) have suggested getting rid of the .pdf version for security questions. Felicity is concerned that we may lose even more readers but acknowledges readership is not great at the moment regardless which is a separate issue. After much deliberation, she is thinking that getting away from the .pdf is an eventual happening but that it should be transitioned very slowly. There was considerable discussion among the board re blurb push, vs. full text push vs. pdf.

Felicity is planning to work with Joshua and Susan to completely re-do the website. Planning for a 6-mo time frame. She proposed adding a Business Section on the webpage – essentially a list of businesses with links to their sites. Brad suggested incorporating the BA website as part of the HPDL website. Felicity is open to ideas, as long as the online transition for readers from the HPDL site to local businesses is obvious and smooth.


8:25 pm Agenda Item 5: Garage Sale Update

Jake will let us know how many people have signed up so far. Sarah and Courtney will enter people who have turned in paper copies.

Courtney is having a sign made for Picnic to advertise sign-up


8:30 pm Agenda Item 6: Business Association

Monthly meeting went fine, newly installed directors did great

Farmers market waiting for Dave to get back so on hold till then

Grant has come through from the city


8:40 pm Agenda Item 7: Annual Meeting Planning (3rd Monday of Sept)

Courtney asked who the board wanted to give the community awards to? Decided upon 1.) 2 people who run the community gardens; 2.) Liz from Pearl; 3.) Fat Lorenzo’s.

Jake suggested people should come next month with any ideas they have for the annual meeting.

We need to present the Neighborhood Priority Plan at the meeting. Courtney will email it out for us to approve in August.


8:46 pm Agenda Item 8: Committee Updates

Picnic in the Park is rolling, lots of $$ and sponsorships coming in. Everything on track

Crime & Safety got lights for Picnic, canine lined up


8:50 pm Agenda Item 9: New Business

Per Jake: Meeting at Fat Lorenzos regarding the Three River’s Park District bike path went well. Watched the traffic patters for 2 hrs, came up with ideas….

Drop the speed on Edgewater; speed bumps, extend the curb 5 ft into Cedar;

Nokomis Concessions – Board discussed the various options. Members will continue to review the proposals and email Courtney their opinions. Courtney will summarize feedback and send it to Melanie


May Minutes reviewed by board. The minutes were approved; motion made by Brad and seconded by Jake. Motion approved at 9 pm

Meeting adjourned at: 9:01 pm


Meeting Minutes 5/21/2012

Attendees: Jake Hackl, Todd Douma, Sarah Sillers, Jill Ridley, Eve Topaloglu, Brad Tetzloff

Staff: Courtney Laufenberg

Guest: Felicity Britton, People for Parks

Meeting called to order: by Jake at 6:55 pm.

Minutes reviewed by board. The minutes were approved; motion made by Jake and seconded by Todd. Motion approved at 6:55 pm


7 pm Agenda Item 1: People for Parks

Felicity Britton presented on the organization’s mission, structure and projects. She gave examples of past projects ranging from small to very large (i.e. $1,000,000). The organization is run by volunteers and funded by donations. They are a grant-giving organization looking to partner with other organizations on any projects. HPDL plans to talk to other local boards regarding any ideas for projects (possibly pavers at Nokomis?).


7:20 pm Agenda Item 2: Review of HPDL Bylaws

Courtney formalized the new bylaws. Changes were made to Article V, sec 3 and Article VIII Sec2 both regarding the board member term limits. No concerns or comments. Sarah motioned to approve, Brad 2nd.


7:25 pm Agenda Item 4: Financial Update

Todd referenced the budget print-out. We’re cash positive. Jake asked about the $17,000 contract reimbursement. Courtney responded, we’ll have another $8,000 in about 4 weeks, then we’re into our $10,000 advance that won’t be reimbursed. Our new contract will start in July. A new accountant is yet to be determined and will most likely not be addressed until fall. New QuickBooks software was purchased and will begin being used at the start of the new contract.


7:30 pm Agenda Item 5: 2012 Board Focus

Item 1- HPDL community garage sale committee met. It will be held 2nd weekend in Sept. Registration form is completed and will be available (and submitted) online. Hardcopies of the registration will be available at Kowalski’s, Pearl Park, Picnic in the park, and National Night Out. Aside from our regular communication methods (newsletter, FB, website, etc), it will also be mentioned in the large picnic mailing. Advertising for the sale will also be done in all HPDL regular communications as well as at local churches, businesses, and Craig’s list.

Item 2: Signs- nothing to report


7:40 pm Agenda Item 6: Business Association

BA has an official, transitional, and partial board. 2 co-chairs, a secretary, and a possible treasurer all to be there until the end of this year.

Farmer’s market-Dave from Kingfield is looking for a statement of support to move forward with his board. HPDL Board enthusiastically agreed to move forward. Dave will (most likely) present to us at the July Board meeting with a joint HPDL/Kingfield meeting to follow at a later date.

Treasure hunt –Responses are slowly coming in. We’ll need to start calling the businesses to get them on board. Courtney has a list of past participants to start with.


7:50 pm Agenda Item 7: Committee Updates

Crime & Safety Committee met this month. They are organizing their stuff for picnic (k-9, little LED lights to give away, T-shirts for the C&S committee).

Picnic planning is rolling along- filling stations and recycle tents will be new this year. Board decided against a HPDL board specific handout for the booth.


New Business:

In the future, the board needs to discuss promoting monetary donations by outside groups / individuals to supplement our funding (i.e., food and refreshments are no longer allowed in the CPP funding)

Regarding the bike path to be put in from Fat Lorenzo’s to Bloomington and the restaurants concerns regarding this project – the project appears to be a done deal and C&S is dealing with the potential safety issues right now, but the HPDL take-away message is: In the future, if we have an opinion(s) on any projects happening in our neighborhood, we need to voice it and make sure there is a conclusion or resolution. Someone from the board should commit to following up and making sure there is an end point and that all HDPL for the upcoming newsletter.

There is a community meeting coming up regarding the resurfacing of Portland that could include a decrease in parking and removing of turn lanes. We need to have a presence at this meeting to voice our concerns about this -Portland is a highly used road; turn lanes and parking are important and should not be eliminated hastily.

Sarah will begin to look into the current state of Triangle Park and what kind of projects we could get involved with to improve the park. Aside for working with the Park Board, this could be a potential opportunity to work with People for Park.


8:10 pm Agenda Item 3: CPP Contract

Board went over the CPP submission template questions. Jake motioned to approve, everybody 2nd. Approved at 8:55pm


Meeting adjourned at: 9 pm



Meeting Minutes 4/23/2012

Attendees: Todd Douma, Jill Ridley, Eve Topaloglu

Meeting called to order by Todd Douma at 7 pm.

Minutes reviewed by board. The minutes were approved; motion made by Todd and seconded by Eve. Motion approved at 7:01 pm


Agenda Item 1: Bylaw Amendment

The bylaw amendment to eliminate the term limit requirement for board members was review. A vote was not taken on the amendment due to the lack of board membership present. A vote will be taken at the May board meeting.


Agenda Item 2: NCEC Meeting Recap

Courtney attended a meeting with the district 3 neighborhoods and the NCEC representative. The NCEC is working with a consultant to better the working capabilities of the group so that they can better serve the neighborhoods they represent. In the future the hope is that the NCEC will be a bridge between the neighborhoods and the NCR.


Agenda Item 3: CPP Contract and Financial Update

Work on the CPP contract is underway. Courtney has prepared the 18th month budget based on financial numbers from last year. The contract also requires a written component on how the money will be used to serve the neighborhood. The questions will be emailed out to the board so that everyone can help construct the responses. The CPP contract submission will be voted on at the May meeting. Courtney will begin work on the Neighborhood Priority Plan that needs to be submitted as well to the NCR. She will work off of the Phase II NRP plan that was developed several years ago and make adjustments as needed. The board will be presented with the working document at the May meeting. HPDL has money in the bank and is expecting a reimbursement from the city in the next month for expenses from Nov 2011 to Jan 2012.


Agenda Item 4: 2012 Board Focus

Garage Sale- Several board members and several neighborhood residents are willing to participate in the planning of the event. Courtney will work to schedule a meeting in May to set the date for the sale and to review registration documents.

Neighborhood Sign- There has been no interest from anyone on designing the sign. Jill is going to check with a friend who is a designer to see if they might be interested.


Agenda Item 5: Business Association

The BA meeting had several new members attend the meeting in April. There is a lot of energy around having a farmer’s market in the neighborhood starting next summer. The initial financial investment is still being determined but it will be around $6,000. The HPDL board will determine at a future date if this is something that they want to financially support. The BA Treasure Hunt letters will be mailed out at the end of April to the local businesses. Courtney is working with Felicity to see if the Treasure Hunt and Picnic mailers can be combined into a 4 page smaller version of the newsletter to cut down on the cost of doing 2 separate mailers. A decision will be made by early May.


Committee Updates:

Crime and Safety—No new news to report. There next meeting is May 8th.

Picnic in the Park—Vendors for the event are being lined up. Attractions are being booked and booth registration letters have been sent out to local businesses, non-profits, and arts and crafts sellers. Door prizes are being collected from companies in the metro and local door prizes will be requested in the next month. The committee is also working hard on implementing the less waste initiative that the park board and the city are encouraging for events.

New Business: none

Meeting adjourned at: 8:02 pm


Meeting Minutes 3/26/2012

Attendees: Jake Hackl, Todd Douma, Sarah Sillers,  Jill Ridley, Eve Topaloglu, Brad Tetzloff, Rayanne Nelson

Staff: Courtney Laufenberg

Guest: John Quincy

7:00 Meeting called to order:

Feb minutes were reviewed by the board. Jake motioned to approve, Brad seconded. Minutes approved at 7:02

7:02 Review of HPDL Bylaws, Term limits:

Courtney- Right now there is a 2 yr limit on board membership. After a year off, you can then reapply. Finding the turnover can be disruptive to the board’s continuity, as new people have to learn the system every two years. Other Mpls neighborhoods do not have this rule as part of their bylaws. Concerns were discussed. Takes a 2/3 vote to amend the bylaws. Board members will think about amending the bylaws to remove the 2 yr limit and vote on it next month.

7:10 John Quincy update:

He attended the HPDL Business Association meeting along with Dave Brower, current chair of the Kingfield Farmers Market Board (not part of the Kingfield Neighborhood board). Per Brad, HPDL reps and Dave Brower proposed expanding the Kingfield FM into our neighborhood starting in 2013. 20-25 tables, Sat mornings at DL Lutheran parking lot. A $$ value would be applied for which Kingfield FM board would handle all the licensing, organizing, etc. BA seemed receptive to it. Next meeting with Dave Brower to occur this week.

The Page neighborhood is up for resurfacing next year. Seal coating on Portland and Park will occur this summer from Crosstown to 38th(ish). John will initiate discussion suggesting bike lanes on Portland as well as a crosswalk to Pearl Park and signage as part of the seal-coating plan.

Other biking news – Southern Connection bike lanes (on 17th and 12th ave from 60th and Bloomington to the greenway) will occur this summer along with necessary traffic circle and medians, as needed, on 17th. To be paid for with federal money.

Future bike improvement – Inner city Regional trail-paid for by the Three Rivers Park District.

Courtney raised issue of lack of bike lock locations at Pearl Park (and other HPDL parks). How do we ask the city to get bike racks installed at the park? Permanent installations? John will talk to the Park Board Commissioner Carol Kummer and Liz (Pearl) and get it in the budget for next year.

7:30 2012 Board Focus Update:

Treasure hunt for Picnic in the Park: Courtney requested that BA Committee talk to the BA ASAP. Same people will run the hunt but rules need to be discussed. Needs to be changed to something like “one winner per household” …… HPDL board reserve the right to …..“ . Also, to try to get the BA more involved, not just two people doing it.

Sign update: Courtney- city looking to de-clutter, fewer signs (Courtney’s guess 6-7), just on the main roads (13 currently). We need to send city the artwork, $50/sign. Still no word from anybody who wants to design them.

Garage sale update: Courtney- not great feedback from the neighborhoods as far as helping to organize. Board members discussed possibility of doing it ourselves this first year and see how it goes. Looking at a fall date, possibly 1st or 2nd weekend after Labor Day. Check back next month after newsletter goes out looking for “help”. We’ll then decide if we wanted to do it ourselves and form a specific committee if we do.

7:45 Financial Update:

On track. 2 months till fiscal year is over.

7:46 Office Update:

Brad hooked Courtney up with an accountant, Chris Lewis. Independent but has a team. He suggested getting current copy of QuickBooks from Judy and starting over after the fiscal year. We will continue to work with Judy until after tax time. Then Courtney and Chris will reconnect and probably make a switch. Costs are comparable to Judy.

New printer: Printz in Dinkeytown. Their price is very competitive with our current printer and includes mail-setup. Also, if you produce >500 of something, they’ll do the design work. Board was pleased.

8:00 Committee Updates:

Communication update: Josh Sillers looking into the HPDL email problem.

Felicity hoping to have newsletter in for proofing by wed. It should be out by this weekend or early next week. Will try new printer for this edition.

Picnic in the park is rolling along. Next meeting on Monday.

Courtney put the Crime and Sfety meeting minutes on the website.

8:10 New Business:

NCEC, the new governing group for CPP, is meeting on Wed at Nokomis Community Center for any interested neighborhood boards members. They will discuss concerns re how the neighborhoods should apply for funds.

8:20 Eve motioned to adjourn, Jill seconded.


Meeting Minutes 2/27/2012

Attendees: Jake Hackl, Todd Douma, Sarah Sillers, Jill Ridley, Eve Topaloglu, Brad Tetzloff

Staff: Courtney Laufenberg

Meeting called to order: @ 6:35 by Jake, motion seconded by Sarah. The board reviewed January minutes. Motion to approve was made by Brad and seconded by Jill.

Agenda Item 1: Pool Shades at Pearl Park.

Courtney reported project is a-go for the end of May. Placement, color, etc. is still being determined. PIRC is funding $10,000 for two shades. Pearl Park would like us to fund one additional shade for $5000. Courtney suggested using the Home Program Interest pot, which is around $100,000. PIRC will be responsible for upkeep of the shades. A VOTE was called by Brad and the motion was approved to modify the Phase II plan that would reallocate $5,000 from Strategy 1.1.A.1-Home Improvement Loan and Grant Programs and put it into Strategy 4.1.A.1 Improve Pearl Park to pay for the pool shade at the park. HPDL wants to stay involved with the implementation of this project and will request more information to be provided as the project moves forward.

Agenda Item 2: 2012 Board Focus Update

Business Association: Todd presented on the proposed Farmers Market (FM). If the FM were to have five stalls or fewer, the paperwork would be considerably less. Todd will meet with John Quincy regarding the FM on March 5 as John is willing to go to the next Business Association meeting to talk about it. Sarah is putting the CSA investigation on hold as it seems redundant to FM. Todd submitted the grant proposal for the Business Association to the city.

Sign project: Courtney had nothing new to report, there was no response to the call for local artists.

Garage sale: Courtney also reported that there has been no response to the community garage sale announcement in the newsletter. There will be a bigger announcement in the next newsletter.

Courtney briefly presented the idea for utility box artistic wraps and is working on figuring out the process for doing that.

Financial Update: Todd reported that we have money in the bank and are financially stable. We are waiting to get updated reports back from the accountant to update the CPP contract for 2012.

Committee Updates: Courtney reported that the Frost Fest committee discussed the 2012 event and some suggestions for changes. The Picnic in the Park Committee had their first meeting. They discussed things to change from last year and Brad’s idea for a three-year, zero waste/less waste plan.

New Business: A Crime meeting will be held at Pearl Park on March 19 at 7pm. John Quincy, Commander Gerold, and Sue Rothele will present. An event notice postcard is being sent out. Courtney thinks she has found a new printer, located in Dinkeytown that can do all of the HPDL printing and offers a15% non-profit discount. In addition a discussion was had among the board regarding the long-unbalanced financial books; Jake suggested that we do an adjustment at fiscal year-end to start fresh with balanced books. Todd will take a look to determine the extent of the problem and the time needed to remedy it.

Meeting adjourned at 7:20: Motion made by Jake and seconded by Brad


Meeting Minutes 1/23/2012

Attendees: Jake Hackl, Todd Douma, Sarah Sillers. Jill Ridley, Eve Topaloglu, Brad Tetzloff

Guests: None

Meeting called to order: 7:05

Minutes reviewed by board. The minutes were approved; motion made by Brad Tetzloff and seconded by Sarah Sillers. Motion approved at 7:06pm

Agenda Item 1: John Quincy couldn’t attend but he passed along information to the group via Courtney. No road work slated for the HPDL neighborhood this summer. Work on 12th for the bike lane is going forward. He is also working to get the neighborhoods together in his ward to work together on future projects and talk about best practices. The HPDL board will need to send one member and the staff member along to the meetings which will be held quarterly.

Agenda Item 2: Business Association Update—Second meeting was held last week. Participants at Parkview Plaza Businesses are energized to get it going. A flier is being put together to increase participation that will be mailed out soon. The RFP for the grant was sent out and needs to be put together by February 13th. Todd is working to get a rough draft put together to be reviewed and submitted. Courtney will be talking with Dave about helping with the BA transition. Responsibilities will be ironed out in the next few months for the Community Association and the Business Association.

2012 Board Focus Update: Jake is looking into a race around Nokomis. Courtney is looking into a renovation of the neighborhood sign. She is working on getting the specifics from the city and a call for local artists and graphic designers to submit work for a new sign. Brad will help Courtney with the wording for the newsletter article. Garage Sale was discussed as well. Materials from NENA were discussed. A call for volunteers in the February newsletter will be put out and updates will be given at the next meeting. Sarah is still looking into the CSA idea.

Communication’s Update: Jake is working on finding a collaboration tool for all of us to use to keep tasks going so that people are held accountable for actions related to events. The February newsletter is being put together at the end of this month. The Trello tool will be used to track dates and keep us on task. Website and Newsletter will be done by Felicity and all newsletter submissions will go through her as well.

Financial Update: Budget is updated and we are cash positive. Frost Fest pulled in about $380 and money will be given to Pearl Hockey and Pearl Park. We are also working on finding a new accountant.

Committee Updates: Picnic in the Park Committee will be meeting starting in February. The major focus of the planning will be a zero waste initiative. Frost Fest Committee will be recapping in February.

New Business: Southside Housing Fair was discussed and the board decided not to participate this year. The insurance issue for the 40th Anniversary party was talked about and the board decided not to sponsor the event due to insurance issues. Courtney will look into getting the fee waived at the park and will get more information on the event to bring back to the board. A grant proposal that was presented to the board via email was discussed. The board decided not to fund the project but will offer to communicate the opportunity in our newsletter and Facebook. The next HPDL meeting will start at 6:30 pm and we will adjourn early and go out to dinner.

Meeting adjourned at: 9:10. Motion made by Todd and Jill seconded.


Meeting Minutes 12/19/2011

Attendees: Jake Hackl, Rayanne Nelson, Sarah Sillers, Jill Ridley, Eve Topaloglu, Brad Tetzloff

Meeting called to order: 7:05 by Jake Hackl

Minutes reviewed by board. The minutes were approved; motion made by Brad Tetzloff and seconded by Jill Ridley.  Motion approved at 7:06 pm

Agenda Item 1: Business Association Update-Brad mentioned that a Farmer’s Market at Todd Park is of interest to some of the businesses and the idea is being looked into. The next business meeting will be in January at Kowalski’s. The BA team on the board will get Courtney a letter to be sent out to the business list early in the New Year to increase participation in the discussion of revitalization of the association.

Agenda Item 2: 2012 Board Focus Update-Courtney is working on getting information on a neighborhood garage sale and she is also working up the details and timeline for replacing the neighborhood sign that is located at the boundaries of the HPDL neighborhood. Sarah is still working on getting information together on offering a CSA in the neighborhood over the summer.

Agenda Item 3: Communication’s Update-Felicity is now the editor of the newsletter and is planning to do a small supplemental January newsletter highlighting the events of 2012 and advertising Frost Fest. Articles will be requested from several board members.

Financial Update: Courtney presented the updated financials to the board. She also mentioned that a new accountant may be necessary to meet the needs to the Community Association. Courtney and Todd will work on this issue and report back to the board.

Committee Updates: The Frost Fest Committee is working on final details for the event. Everything is on track. The Crime and Safety Committee is working on details for the March Crime and Safety meeting at Pearl Park. Speakers are being invited and the agenda is being put together. The Picnic in the Park Committee will start their work in February.

New Business: The HPDL Board holiday party is still of interest and Courtney will check with Pearl Park to see what the availability is in January or February on a Thursday evening. Courtney will also check with local restaurants about catering for the event. Courtney is also working on getting information from our insurance agent regarding an event sponsorship request. She will report back when she has more information.

Meeting adjourned at: 8:05 pm


Meeting Minutes 11/24/2011

Attendees: Todd Douma, Felicity Pearson, Sarah Sillers, Jill Ridley, Rayanne Nelson

Guests: Keith Mishler

Meeting called to order: 7:02 pm by Todd

Minutes reviewed by board. The minutes will be approved at the December meeting due to lack of board membership being present.

Agenda Item 1: Business Association Update—Todd, Brad and Eve meet with the businesses of Parkview Plaza. They are really interested in helping get the business association up and going again. They are also interested in having a farmer’s market in Todd Park over the summer. A letter is being drafted to go out to the business list in our neighborhood to see who is interested in participating in the business association. The neighborhood resource guide is a project that will be started soon with hopes that it could be ready by Picnic to be handed out to the residents. Todd also mentioned having a business fair at Picnic in the Park.

Agenda Item 2: 2012 Board Focus—Sarah is still looking into the CSA idea for the neighborhood. Courtney is meeting with NENA neighborhood in early December to ask them out their neighborhood garage sale and their neighborhood signage. Sarah also mentioned the idea of a book club in the neighborhood.

Agenda Item 3: Communications Update—Felicity is having a meeting every other Saturday at Sovereign Grounds to meet with anyone who is interested in working on the neighborhood communications. She would also like to see a bi-monthly newsletter instead of a quarterly publication. She will be posting more frequently to Facebook and the website so that they are updated regularly. Felicity has also registered an account at e-democracy and will be asking people to sign up so that it can go live with 100 users. We also talked about increasing our likes on Facebook and possibly doing a drawing and giving out gift cards to people who sign up. This idea is still in process.

Agenda Item 4: Financial Update—Todd went through the numbers with the group. The reimbursement from the city came through recently so HPDL is doing great financially. Courtney also worked up a CPP contract budget for 2012 based on the 2011 expenses.

Committee Updates: Crime and Safety had a meeting in November and discussed the March meeting and the February Internet Safety event in February. Both are in process and more details will come. This committee will not meet in December.

The Frost Fest Committee had a meeting to discuss the 2012 event. Lots of new ideas were discussed and we are working on booking vendors and getting the major details worked out. The committee will meet again in early January to get things in order for the event on Friday, January 20th.

New Business: HPDL was asked to sponsor a 40th Anniversary event for the partnership of Hale and Field Schools. The board supports this but wanted to see about liability before committing fully to sponsorship. Courtney if following up with the committee and our insurance company.

The idea of the HPDL Board Holiday party was discussed briefly but nothing was decided. This issue will be discussed again at the December 19th meeting.

Meeting adjourned at: 8:12. Motion made by Todd and seconded by Jill.


Meeting Minutes 10/24/2011

Attendees: Jake Hackl, Todd Douma, Sarah Sillers,  Jill Ridley, Eve Topaloglu

Guests: John Quincy

Meeting called to order: 7:01 by Jake Hackl

Minutes reviewed by board. The minutes were approved; motion made by Eve.  Motion approved at 7:02 pm.

Agenda Item 1: John Quincy gave a report on the presentation given by Minneapolis Police and the Jacob Wetterling Foundation regarding the luring incidents that have taken place in the past couple of months, one of which was by Todd Park in our neighborhood. The presentation was great but not as well attended as they had hoped. There are plans in the works to have another presentation at either Hale or Field school and have it be co-sponsored by Field, Regina, Northrup and HPDL. Courtney will be attending a meeting to discuss the details for the event. John also informed the group that the city is in its budgeting process and that residents should expect to see a 0% levy increase but that their property taxes will be going up. Statements are in the mail to residents. Street sweeping is also underway.

Agenda Item 2: CPP Contract: A draft of the CPP contract proposal was sent to us and needs to be reviewed by the board and any recommendations given to the CPP office by mid-November. The board will be reviewing the proposal and giving feedback. Todd and Courtney will work up a 2012 CPP contract budget to present at the next board meeting. A 50% advance on our CPP contract will be given to get us through the first half of next year while the process is completed.

Agenda Item3: Board Focus for 2012 was discussed and it was decided that we would commit to the following items: Business Association, Committees, looking into a CSA in the neighborhood (Sarah), Looking into a garage sale for HPDL (Courtney, Todd, Eve), Designing a new HPDL street sign, 5K Lake Nokomis Run (Jake).

Agenda Item 4: Communications Report: The newsletter is in the process of being put together and it will be emailed out in early November.

Agenda Item 5: Todd gave us the financial report. We have a contract reimbursement that should come through in the next month and we have plenty of cash in the bank.

Committee Updates: Crime and Safety had a meeting in October. They will have a presence at the Preschool Halloween Party at Pearl Park at the end of the month.

New Business: A possible HPDL Board Holiday party was discussed and options are being looked into. The new board members need to be added to the HPDL dropbox. It was decided that the HPDL Board meeting for December will be moved to December 19th due to Christmas. Courtney will publish this information on the website and in the newsletter so that people know of the change.

Meeting adjourned at: 8:25 pm


Meeting Minutes 9/26/2011

Attendees: Jake Hackl, Brad Tetzloff, Todd Douma, Felicity Pearson, Eve Topaloglu, Sarah Sillers, Jill Ridley

Staff-Courtney Laufenberg

Meeting called to order: 7:00 pm by Jake Hackl

Minutes from July and August were reviewed by board. The minutes were approved; motion made by Jake Hackl and seconded by Brad Tetzloff. Motion approved at 7:02 pm.

Agenda Item 1: Welcome to new board members

We went around the table and introduced ourselves. We also went through the board member binder and pointed out several documents that should be read through prior to the next meeting. We also talked about the fall retreat that was done in 2010 and Courtney will email to the entire board the list of items that was brainstormed at that meeting for review at the October meeting.

Agenda Item 2: Business Association

Brad and Todd have had several meetings about reenergizing the business association in HPDL. In its history the members have paid dues, done several events including the Treasure Hunt and the Business Fair. They also put together a Community Resource Guide that was given out to residents and had the complete business listing for HPDL along with ads that were purchased by certain businesses. Brad and Todd want the Business Association to be a priority for the board this year and for Courtney to use some of her administrative time to support the project. They will look to organize the businesses into nodes and work with a key point person in each node to get the conversation going. They have already reached out to Parkview Plaza and will look to attend one of their meetings. A Community Resource Guide will be developed in the coming months and during that process the board will figure out how to distribute it to HPDL and how it will get it in the hands of new people who move to the neighborhood. Todd and Brad will also look into the grant program that HPDL had years ago to give money to businesses who wanted to do work on their storefronts. It was also discussed that a board member should sit on the Business Association Board so that there is dialog between the two groups.

Agenda Item 3: Communication’s

The new board members need to write a short bio and email to Courtney to put on the website. The November newsletter is around the corner and Courtney will email out a request for articles. Felicity will edit the newsletter and Courtney will email it out in early November. Eve is willing to write an article. Felicity suggested that she drop off the board and she would like to become the Communication’s Committee Chair and work on developing that group and increasing the communications from the neighborhood. She would like to have the group meeting regularly and break them into group to work on various projects.

Agenda Item 4: Financial Update

Courtney and Todd went through the various funding streams that HPDL has so that new board members had an understanding of where our money comes from. We discussed the confusion of having an end of the fiscal year date of June 1st and a contract that runs from Jan to Dec. Courtney is going to talk with the accountant and see if we can change that. We also discussed the need to spend additional money in our CPP contract. The board voted to pay for the bouncy house for the Pearl Park Halloween Party at the end of October. Other ideas were brainstormed and will be discussed at future meetings. Courtney will connect with Liz at Pearl Park to see if she has any further needs. It was also discussed that Courtney should have 5 hours added each week to help with the extra work required in the Business Association project. Jake will discuss this with Courtney. The extra money that was given, due to the census numbers, in the CPP contract will be allocated to the supplies and materials line item in the contract budget.

Committee Updates:

Crime committee had a good meeting in September. They will be updating the website with new crime data and revising the letter that is sent out when we get a request from the courts on sentencing a criminal. They will also have a presence at the Halloween Party at Pearl Park.

Frost Fest planning is beginning. Several board members agreed to be on the planning committee so Courtney will get a meeting set-up in the coming weeks to start on the details of the event.

New Business: none

Meeting adjourned at: 8:45 pm


Meeting Minutes 8/22/2011

Attendees: Jake Hackl, Todd Douma, Brad Tetzloff

Guests: John Quincy

Meeting called to order: 7:05 pm

Agenda Item 1: John Quincy gave the board updates on what is going on in the neighborhood and in the city. He received a great response from neighbors about the road resurfacing. Work was also done on 60th to allow for bus traffic. John’s office is putting together a crime and safety mailing that will go out to the entire 11th ward. He also touched on the firefighter layoff issue.

Agenda Item 2: Communication’s Review

Jake talked to the board members about getting more involved. The newsletter will be emailed out in the next week.

Agenda Item 3: Financial Report

We were allotted more money in the CPP contract based on the current census numbers. The board will decide at the next meeting where that money should be placed within the budget. We are cash positive and doing well.

Agenda Item 4: Annual Meeting

Details for the event are in process. The timeframe for the event is going to be changed to 7 to 8 pm. Courtney will look into getting food from local businesses to serve at the meeting along with soda and water. Todd is going to work up some interview questions so that interviews can be prepared for all the board members. The interviews will be featured on the website to add interest for people who are considering joining the board. Courtney will also look into nametags for the board members.

Committee Updates: Next meeting the board will look at the status of the committees. Some of them are working and some of them need more members and structure. We will also look into advertising in church bulletins for more committee members and volunteers.

New Business: Todd and Brad and going to brainstorm some ideas on revitalizing the Business Association. Courtney is going to send them information on previous activities.

Meeting adjourned at: 8:30. Seconded by Todd.


Meeting Minutes 7/25/2011

In attendance: Felicity, Jake, Brad, and Todd

Staff: Courtney

Meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm by Jake

Agenda Item: Regional Bike Trail

Kelly Grissman from the Three River’s Park District attending the meeting to discuss the regional bike trail that will connect the HPDL area to Richfield. She presented maps of the proposed construction options and cost. Construction is set for 2014. She will be in touch with Courtney to see about having an open house prior to the HPDL annual meeting in September.

Agenda Item: Communication’s Review

The newsletter deadline is the first part of August. Submissions are being collected and edited by Courtney. Felicity is finishing the template and will email it to Courtney. Drop box was set-up to share documents with the board.

Agenda Item: Picnic Updates

Everything is ready to go for the event. Felicity will participate in the Baseball field groundbreaking and Jake and Felicity will be at the HPDL tent.

Agenda Item: Annual Meeting

Ideas were discussed for this year’s event. The community awards that will be given out at the annual meeting we are also decided on and Courtney will get them ordered.

Agenda Item: New Business

Diamond Lake Lutheran Church has asked the HPDL board for our support for their new sign project. The board read the letter and discussed the issue and a motion was made by Jake and seconded by Todd to support the new sign project. Courtney will get a letter to the contact at DLLC for their application to the city.

A home loan issue was discussed. The home owner was looking for an exception to the qualification rules and the board voted to deny the exception. Courtney will contact the home owner and notify him of our decision.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm


Meeting Minutes 6/27/2011

Attendees: Jake Hackl,  Brad Tetzloff, Felicity Pearson, Courtney (staff)

Meeting called to order: 7:05 pm by Jake Hackl

May minutes reviewed by board. The minutes were approved; motion made by Jake, seconded by Brad. Motion approved at 7:06 pm

Agenda Item 1: Communications Review-Courtney will send out an email to neighborhood organizations regarding the August newsletter. Jake will interview the tattoo parlor. For Picnic, a handout will be created to give out to residents when they stop at the HPDL tent. The handout will be a brief overview of how they can get involved in the community association. Courtney will put together and have the board review it prior to printing. Need to add Brad as an admin on the website. Courtney needs to request a list of all the National Night Out celebrations in the neighborhood. Several board members have agreed to stop by a few and say hi.

Agenda Item 2: Picnic in the Park – Many new attractions and vendors this year. We hired out our publicity and that is looking really good. The postcard will be mailed in the next week or two. Details are being ironed out for the event.

Committee Updates: Crime and Safety is working on their presence at Picnic. They are inviting the K9, several police, and working on getting the fire truck again this summer. They will handing out blinkies, flashlights, and whistles at their booth.

New Business: COIN asked HPDL to support a new resolution to help get the legislation passed to unfreeze the monies that were taken by the City of Minneapolis from the NRP program. A motion of support was made by Felicity and the vote was unanimously supported by the board. The Hale school funding request was re-visited from the last meeting and it was decided that we cannot support the request this year.

Meeting adjourned at: 7:45 pm


Meeting Minutes 5/23/2011

Attendees: Felicity Pearson, Jake Hackl,  Todd Douma, Courtney Laufenberg (staff)

Guests: Ben Magras, Sheilagh Johnson, Denise Leezer

Meeting called to order: The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by Jake.

Agenda Item 1: Speed Bumps on 2nd Ave (Ben Magras)

Ben Magras is a resident of HPDL and lives on 2nd Ave. He is concerned about the speeding issue in the area. Since the 35W project is now complete many people use 2nd ave as a shortcut between 35 and the Parkway. Many children live in the area and the residents would like something done to make people slow down. He talked with the city about a stop sign and that doesn’t seem to be an option based on the way the city places stop signs. He asked for the board to support his efforts to continue to look into this problem and to see if speed bumps would work. They are very expensive and require all neighbors to be in support. The board voted to write a letter of support for Ben to present in his conversations with the city.

Agenda Item 2: Hale Elementary Funding Request (Sheilagh Johnson)

Sheilagh Johnson is the media specialist for Hale and she is asking for funds to pay for a media assistant (5 hours a week at $15/hour). The total amount of money being asked for is $3,000/year. The board is going to revisit this request at our next meeting when we have a better idea of our future funding.

Agenda Item 3: Minnehaha Creek Corridor (Denise Leezer)

Denise Leezer wanted to introduce the work of the Minnehaha Creek Corridor. She touched on the work of the Freshwater Society and her interest in possibly doing a fall clean-up in the neighborhood to remove leaves and grass clippings from the streets before it ends up in the creek. We also talked about the organization submitting articles for our website to give residents more information on what is going on with the water quality in the creek.

Agenda Item 4: FY2012 Budget

The budget was reviewed and it was decided that we would add $500 to the staff training line item. Otherwise the budget was approved. A motion was made to approve the budget with the addition of $500 to the staff training line item by Todd Douma. The motion was seconded by Jake Hackl. The motion passed. Jake is also going to look into Google voice for our phone, Courtney is going to cancel the fax line and forward the bitstream email for the next couple of months. The account will be closed in September so we only have one email address. Courtney will also check into the cities Wi-Fi and see if it will work in the building.

Agenda Item 5: Communication’s Update

It was decided that a quarterly newsletter would be emailed out to the email list and mailed to those who called in and gave their addresses. Felicity is going to put together a publisher template that can be used to put together the newsletter. Felicity is also going to email the communication’s committee and get them together for a meeting to start working on gathering information for the next newsletter.

Agenda Item 6: Office Update

The new owners of the building have presented a lease that we are not happy with. Jake is going to take a good look at the lease and red line the issues in the lease. It will be emailed to the rest of the board for consideration and a meeting will be set-up to talk about the concerns with the new owners. In the meantime Courtney will continue to look for other office space options in the neighborhood.

Committee Updates

• Crime and Safety – They are working on inviting members of law enforcement to Picnic in the Park.

• Picnic in the Park – This committee is working on securing vendors, soliciting donations, and collecting registrations from neighborhood businesses and non-profits.

• Treasure Hunt – Information has gone out and businesses are signing up.

New Business:

• Several residents have asked about a community garage sale in the summer. We aren’t currently doing this but the board decided that we would like to next summer.

• HPDL Community Association would like a tent at Picnic in the Park to recruit new board and committee members. In addition, we want to get the word out about the website and Facebook. We also decided we wanted to give something away. A can cozy with the HPDL logo will be priced out and we will decide on how many to order.

Meeting adjourned by a motion made by: Jake Seconded by: Todd   Meeting adjourned at: 8:50pm


Meeting Minutes 4/25/2011

Attendees: Todd Douma, Sandra Schneider, Brad Tetzloff

Guests: John Quincy

Meeting called to order: The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Todd.

Agenda 1: John Quincy gave updates on the resurfacing projects as well as fielded questions from the board. Reminded the board of the neighborhood meeting taking place May 26th.

Agenda 2: Communication’s Update: no action taken.

Agenda 3: Todd presented the 2012 budget as well as YTD 2011 to the board members for review and discussion and approval at the May board meeting.

Agenda 4: Todd reported on a inefficient and frustrating NCEC election process meeting.

Agenda 5: Committee Updates: no action taken.

Agenda 6: New Business: no action taken.

Meeting Adjourned: The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 by Todd.


Meeting Minutes 3/28/2011

Attendees: Felicity Pearson, Jake Hackl, Todd Douma, Sandra Schneider, Brad Tetzloff

Courtney Laufenberg (staff)

Guests: Larry Matsumoto, John Quincy, Bill Helgeson

Meeting called to order: The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Jake.

Agenda Item 1: Road re-surfacing in the neighborhood

Larry Matsumoto was introducing from the City of Minneapolis Public Works Department. He gave the board some background on the re-surfacing program that started in 2008. The city does on average 25 miles of road re-surfacing a year. This summer a portion of Chicago Ave will be done along with Diamond Lake Road from Portland to Clinton and a large area of Hale neighborhood. Assessments were discussed for the projects. The Hale area and residents on Chicago will be given an assessment to help pay for the work that is done. The assessment is a uniform rate and roughly pays for 30% of the total project cost. The rest of the funding comes from city bonds and in the case of Chicago the state will pay a portion since it is a truck route. Public meetings will be held for each project to give residents directly affected the chance to ask questions. HPDL will advertise these events and post the planning maps and any other pertinent documentation on the website.

Agenda Item 2: Bill Helgeson-NCEC

Bill wanted to address the election process meeting on April 16th. He wanted to stress the importance of being a part of the process to determine the election process for the 4 district elections in May. He also shared that he will not be running for re-election for the NCEC. The board expressed their deep gratitude for his hard work in getting the NCEC set-up.

Agenda Item 3: Council member report-John Quincy

John also touched on the assessment for road work. He also talked about the flooding threat for the area. In addition the March Crime and Safety meeting was discussed and his office is going to do some mailings this summer about safety tips and information about crime in the area.

Agenda Item 4: Southside Housing Program

The qualifications for the loan program were discussed and it was decided that no changes are needed at this time. It was also discussed that we would consider re-investing some of the program interest back into the housing program to provide more loans.

Agenda Item 5: Financial Report

Todd presented the updated financial spreadsheets to the board. The budgeting process for Fiscal year 2012 will begin shortly.

Committee Updates

• Communications—We talked briefly about the website and Facebook page. The board decided to do some work independently prior to the next meeting. Take a look at what we have now and see what we can add and improve upon and bring that information to the next meeting. Felicity is also going to check the comments on the site twice weekly to approve them. Jake is going to see about getting a twitter account set-up.

• Crime and Safety March meeting was a great success. We had 50 people in attendance along with 5 officers, Sue Roethele, and John Quincy. Notes from the meeting are posted on the website.

• Earth Day—This event is coming up in April and Courtney talked about the great need for board support at this event. Several members said they thought they could attend.

• Picnic in the Park—The budget is still in development. The committee will meet again in April to continue the planning.

New Business:

Meeting adjourned by a motion made by: Jake

Meeting adjourned at: 8:50pm


Meeting Minutes 1/24/2011

Attendees: Todd Douma, Felicity Pearson    Staff: Courtney Laufenberg

Guests: Daren Jensen, Jake Hackl, Sandra Schneider, Josh Sellars

Meeting called to order: by Todd Douma at 7:07

Agenda Item 1: Board Election process was initiated. Each candidate was asked to share a little bit about themselves and why they wanted to join the board. Daren Jensen, Jake Hackl and Sandra Schneider were voted in to the HPDL board with a motion made by Felicity that was seconded by Todd. Josh decided that he wanted to be a part of the communication’s committee.

Agenda Item 2: The communication’s strategy was gone over by Felicity. She presented the timetable to the board and gave a progress report. Courtney is going to follow-up with Josh to see how he is progressing and will also set a meeting for the communication’s committee to gather and start their work. Each board member will be writing an article on a local business for the website launch.

Agenda Item 3: Todd gave a financial report and explained the different funding sources for HPDL. We are working well within our budget.

Committee Updates: Frost Fest was well attended. Picnic in the Park committee will begin its work soon and needs more members.

New Business: Southside Housing Fair is coming up on February 26th. The board decided that they would like to have a table at the event. Courtney will follow up with the event manager about securing a table and will email the information out to the board.

All board members need to write a short paragraph about themselves that can be put on the website. New board members need to read through their binders before next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at: 8:35 pm

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