Board of Directors

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Organization of the Board

The Board of Directors consists of twelve elected members: two representatives from each of the three neighborhoods (Hale, Page, and Diamond Lake) and 6 at large members.  There is no term limit.

The Board of Directors holds monthly meetings (the fourth Monday of every month at 7:00 PM) at the HPDL offices and all HPDL meetings are open to the public. There are also various committee meetings held at various times. Meeting minutes are recorded and posted on our website.

Current HPDL Board Members

Brad Tetzloff – President

Brad has lived in the Nokomis area for 9 years, first on the East side of Nokomis and then a year later he purchased a house on the north side of the lake in the Hale neighborhood. When he’s not cleaning out his gutters Brad can be found visiting the various Minneapolis eateries, playing broomball in the winter and watching the Twins in the summer. Brad joined the HPDL board to give back to his community and help foster a sense of community in the HPDL neighborhood.

Sarah Sillers – Vice President 

Sarah has lived in South Minneapolis for the past 11 years and in the Hale neighborhood since October 2009 with her husband, Joshua and 2 daughters. Sarah loves living “in the city” and all of the advantages it provides in culture, entertainment, and diversity. She and her family value the extensive trail system for running, biking, rollerblading, and as a way to attend as many park events and area festivals as there are weekends in a summer. Her background includes a BS in Environmental Studies from the UofM and (after a career shift to health and wellness) a Masters in Kinesiology. She is currently imparting that knowledge on her two daughters in her latest role as primary care giver. It seems to be working as the older daughter’s favorite game is “gym class” and the younger picks up litter where ever she goes.

Jill Ridley – Treasurer

Jill has lived in South Minneapolis her entire life. She moved to the Diamond Lake neighborhood in 1995 with her husband, Dennis. She currently works in accounting at the University of Minnesota. During the warm weather, she enjoys spending time outside walking around the neighborhood or sitting around the koi pond in the backyard.

Paul Linnee

Paul us a new representative for the Diamond Lake neighborhood. He has lived with his wife Jane in the neighborhood since 1972. They started out at 5800 Oakland and then (to escape airplane noise!!) moved one block east to 5800 Park in 1982, where they have been ever since. They raised two daughters (Anne and Maggie) who are now grown, and spend much of their now-retired time babysitting for two pre-school grandkids and traveling internationally. Jane’s career was in advertising at the StarTribune, and Paul worked for the police departments in Burnsville, Richfield and Minneapolis (where he ran the city’s 911 center). He has spent the last 17 years providing consulting services to cities and counties nationwide on matters related to 911 services.

Maria Wrbsky

Maria has lived in the city of Minneapolis for 10 years and recently bought a house in the Diamond Lake neighborhood with her husband Mike and dog Uno. Maria enjoys the nearby parks and trails and is always up to grab a bite to eat or cocktail at the local restaurants with friends and neighbors. The easy access to many bus routes makes commuting to her job in downtown Minneapolis quick and stress-free. She loves the close-knit feeling of her neighborhood and looks forward to helping the area grow and thrive for years to come.

Amelia Frevert

Amelia was born and raised in the Hale neighborhood. Her family actively participated in the neighborhood association while she was growing up. She has enjoyed watching the area blossom over the last two decades. She attended the first Picnic in the Park as a one-year-old, witnessed the bronze bunny come to life, and proudly removed a tire from the creek on Earth Day ’03. Amelia wants to continue her parents work and give back to our fantastic community. You can find her hanging around bridges over the creek or cruising down the parkway on her bike.

Marcie Moravec

Marcie is new to Minnesota and has lived in the Diamond Lake neighborhood since December 2012 with her husband, Neal. She is the Program Manager at a non-profit that promotes building livable communities through transit and land use choices. Marcie joined the HPDL board to meet her new neighbors and become more involved in the community. After many years living in suburbia, she loves the urban neighborhood, close to restaurants, local businesses and convenient bus routes. She can often be found working in her yard or dreaming of new home improvement projects. Neal is often seen walking their dog through the neighborhood or teaching Aikido at Pearl Park.

Dave Kornecki

Dave is a fairly recent transplant from Chicago, having moved to the Hale neighborhood in June of 2012. Typical of many of those who move to the area, he married a Minneapolis girl and he followed her up here to put down their family’s roots. He and his wife now have two boys. You will most likely find Dave and his family enjoying the numerous recreational activities around Lake Nokomis or eating at one of the many great restaurants in the neighborhood. Dave currently works for the Chair of Higher Education and Workforce Development, Senator Terri Bonoff, as her Committee Administrator. He has a master’s degree from Northwestern University in Public Policy & Administration and is currently a faculty instructor at the university’s online program. Prior to getting into public service, Dave was a chef and manager at various restaurants and hotels in Chicago.

Karl Olson

Karl grew up in the suburbs and promptly moved to the city when he had the chance. After bouncing around South Minneapolis for a few years, he and his wife moved to the Page Neighborhood in 2013. He currently works as a nurse at HCMC in mental health and is studying to be a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. He can be found walking or rollerblading around HPDL or grilling in the backyard.

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