HPDL Hosts a Mayoral Debate in September

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Debate Poster Picture HPDL Hosts a Mayoral Debate in September

share save 256 24 HPDL Hosts a Mayoral Debate in September

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2 Responses to HPDL Hosts a Mayoral Debate in September

  1. bob fine says:

    I was recently informed that I am excluded from the Mayoral Debate this month. The reason given was that this was set before filing for office began (in June), that 8 persons were included, one never filed, but there is some policy to keep it to 7. Considering the fact that I am the only Mayoral candidate to currently represent your neighborhood, Park Board- at large, one of only three candidates to be a current city office holder and the only candidate to have ever been elected city wide – it is quite surprising not to be considered at the forum. I was told while campaigning in the neighborhood by numerous people about the forum, and they expect to hear from me for the Forum. They will not be allowed to consider me with the other candidates. I believe I am one of the best known candidates, have represented the area over such a long period of time and am quite surprised I am not being considered for the forum.

  2. Thank you Bob for your civil and well stated comment. We have no doubt that you have a base of support within the neighborhood but perhaps the criteria we used to establish the participants was not accurately communicated to you. In our efforts to be impartial and fair we had to establish guidelines for participation and adhere to them.

    We made the decision that the slate of candidates for our debate will be limited to those candidates who had publicly announced their campaigns as of June 19, 2013, and who had received invitations to attend our debate via our June 19th letter. Subsequently we required a response to our invitation to participate by a June 28th deadline. Based on this criteria, we currently have 7 candidates participating: Mark Andrew, Jackie Cherryhomes, Dan Cohen, Betsy Hodges, Don Samuels, Cam Winton, and Stephanie Woodruff.

    By no means are we making any comment on the viability or level of support of additional candidates, including your campaign. You are not the only candidate that has raised this discussion with our organization nor are you the only participation request that we have had to decline.

    Please feel free to email our office or call us if you would like to discuss this further. We wish you the best of luck in your campaign and again, we hope this adds clarity and transparency to our selection process.

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