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2012 March Meeting Minutes


The 3rd Precinct has seen a 1% decrease in crime for 2011.

National Night Out has the largest participation for a large city in the country.

Crime Prevention:

Community is important in the day to day prevention of crime. Important factors are:

• Organized blocks

• Calling 911 when you see something suspicious

• Keeping track of serial numbers on all electronics

• Having good security on doors, windows, garages, and cars.

• Keep a radio on in the house to make it looked lived in.

• Alarms are a good deterrent. Alarm signs also seem to work.

• Motion lights are great around the outside of the house.

Burglars tend to work in patterns in areas that they are familiar. The police will work those areas and make traffic stops to try and catch the criminals.

The 3rd Precinct had the highest charge rate in property crimes last year.

Property Crimes Court Watch:

This takes place every other month on the 2nd Monday. This meeting is open to the community and anyone can attend. The police are stressing the importance of community impact statements to help judges in sentencing.

Mobile Drug Dealing:

Most complaints that are called in are followed up by plain clothes officers. Just because you don’t see the police doesn’t mean that they aren’t following up on the call. It is most important to write down the date and time you see the car, description of the driver if possible, and most important the license plate on the car.


The police take this very seriously. If young people are truant or out past curfew they are much more likely to be involved in or be subject to crime.


Minutes from Meeting on March 21st, 2011

Inspector Gerolds:  Violent crimes are down significantly (by 20%).  Property Crimes are up.  Property crimes are one of the most preventable crimes.  The police department needs the communities partnership (block clubs, call 911, take license plates, know who lives by you) to help arrest burglarers.  Arrests are up 30-40% due in large part to community help.

Srgt. Sandburg:  6 investigators in property crimes.  Property crimes branch out into fraud and other crimes.  In the past 6 months there have been pockets of 3rd precinct that have been hit hard.  3 arrests have been made recently.  Catching a burglar is hard.  The police rely on witnesses.  Most burglar’s are clean–they don’t leave evidence and they are often in and out within minutes.   Suspects are being caught with fingerprint and DNA evidence but that can take 6 months or more to process.

Important Points:

  • Take pictures of your valuables, especially jewelry.
  • Write down serial numbers on electronics.  If the items are recovered then they can be matched up and returned to you.
  • Remember 3 to 5 things about a person that seems suspicious.  Relay that information to 911.
  • Don’t touch anything if your home is burglarized.  You will contaminate the evidence.
  • Flood lights are a good deteraint.
  • Lock doors and windows.
  • Let your neighbors know if you are going to be gone.
  • Leave a few lights on when you aren’t home.  You can also leave a TV or a radio on.
  • At night keep your shades drawn so people can’t see in.
  • Be careful with the stuff you put at the curb.  Cut electronic’s boxes into small pieces and make sure the the item information isn’t on the outside where people can see it.

The items that are being taken most often are jewelry and tabtops.  When items are stolen the property crimes investigator will check with local pawn shops and craigs list.  If items are recovered they can be returned to you if you have documentation (serial numbers, pictures).  A majority of break-ins are taking place during the day.

Car theft:  95 cars have been stolen this year.  Half the vehicles had the keys in them.  Don’t leave valuables on the front seat where anyone can see them.

The arrest rate is up but the police aren’t happy with the consequences that criminals are receiving.  In response to this, the police department is going to start a court watch.   They want to meet monthly with citizens and let them know what is going on so that the community can be watching for certain individuals.

2011 Police Department Focus Areas

  • Reduce Property Crimes
  • Maintain the reduction in violent crimes
  • Start Court Watch program
  • More visibility at events
  • Work on issues related to youth–truancy, curfew
  • Work closely with SRO’s in the schools
  • Grow relationships with minority groups
  • Provide great service

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