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Resurfacing in Hale and Page this summer

Monday, January 28th, 2013
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Neighborhood Meeting on the Resurfacing Projects in Hale and Page

Thursday, March 7th at 6:30 pm at Pearl Park

The City of Minneapolis is proposing two street resurfacing projects in 2013 that will affect the Page and Hale neighborhoods. One project includes many of the residential streets in the Page neighborhood, while the other is 54th St E, from Portland Ave to W Nokomis Parkway. Also, the Minneapolis Park Board is proposing to resurface E Minnehaha Parkway, between Portland and Park avenues. Maps of the proposed projects are attached, along with a general fact sheet about resurfacing. Over the last couple of years, the City resurfaced Chicago Ave and many of the streets in the Hale neighborhood, so you may already be familiar with this type of project.


A general overview is that resurfacing involves a two step process. First, we mill, or remove by grinding, a portion of the top layer of pavement. The second part consists of placing new asphalt across the entire width of the street. Because we don’t tear the street apart, it is a relatively quick process. Typically, this work takes a total of two days in front of anyone’s home, one day to mill and a second day to pave. These two days are typically not consecutive because we can mill faster than we can pave, but the street will be usable in between these two operations. We close only the streets that we are working on each day, and we open them again when we are complete with our work for the day. The attached fact sheet is very helpful in explaining this process.

Both the City and the Park Board assess for this type of project, and both assess at the same rate. For residential properties, the assessment rate for resurfacing is $0.20/SF of property lot, unchanged from last year. Most properties have five years to pay off the assessment. An information sheet on how the street assessments are calculated for each property is attached. Residents who live on corners often have questions about how this is calculated.

share save 256 24 Resurfacing in Hale and Page this summer

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